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AGENXY | CEO | Australia

With a career spanning 14 years in both Australia and the United States, Ashleigh has worked with an impressive list of Corporate Organisations, Major Brands, the HNW, Parliament and Celebrities - allowing her to acquire access and facilitate some incredible projects from; an opulent Super Yacht Event at the Monaco Grand Prix to private events (featuring the world’s Elite) at Richard Branson’s Necker Island in just her first couple of years of operation.


It all began when a trip pursuing independence and experience was interrupted by a volcanic event in Iceland, forcing Ashleigh to extend her trip and board a flight that would change the course of her professional career as she knew it.

What she didn’t realise was that it was here that she was to meet her first boss, who was, in fact, sitting in the wrong seat. After being secretly interviewed for the duration of the flight, Ashleigh’s future boss stood up, shook her hand and offered her a job as a travel manager.

Walking straight into corporate at a very young age enabled her boss’s ‘Devil-like Prada’s’ approach to morph Ashleigh into a hard worker and absolute perfectionist with an inspired business vision.


After working alongside the multi-million dollar agency she was then poached by the biggest global company in travel, where she truly excelled. Ashleigh obtained an extensive 14-year background in Disaster Recovery and World Aid - working on major global projects such as ISIS and Ebola, transporting 500 people in and out of disaster zones. In addition, she acquired rich experience working alongside major mining sectors & government contracts - driving sales for global organisations and achieving and exceeding yearly targets to consistently put her name in the top earners amongst this global business.


Through this extensive experience and international reach, this was where she was approached to facilitate a global event for Virgin Unite at Richard Branson’s Necker Island. After successfully completing this project, she was asked to join the group & had the opportunity to launch her very own business, Agenxy Global.


As she stood in a room with an array of top leaders from their respective industries, including Richard Branson, inspiration seemingly sparked Ashleigh to truly begin her business journey. From there, she went on to gain incredible insight and further learning from the world’s elite throughout her time at the unique event.  


From this incredible experience she was connected to the most amazing contacts around the world, and to this day, has been able to grow Agenxy from a successful luxury travel management agency to now introducing it’s brand new marketing and advertising company - Agenxy Media, alongside her highly trained and professional team.