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With a career spanning 16 years in both Australia and the United States, Ashleigh has worked with an impressive list of Corporate Organisations, Major Brands, HNW individuals, Parliament and Celebrities from all over the world - allowing her to acquire access and facilitate some incredible projects from: Monaco Grand Prix, Coachella Music Festival to private events featuring family offices at an array of exclusive locations in just her first couple of years of operation. 


Prior to this, Ashleigh obtained an extensive 10-year background in Disaster Recovery and World Aid - working on major global projects such as ISIS and Ebola and transporting 500 people in and out of disaster zones. In addition, she acquired rich experience working alongside major mining sectors & government contracts - driving sales for global organisations and achieving and exceeding yearly targets consistently put her name in the top earners amongst this global business before stepping out with the knowledge to start Agenxy.


Through this extensive experience and international reach, she was approached to facilitate a global event of 35 guests to discuss global impact & world change with Virgin Unite at Richard Branson’s Necker Island. After the completion of this project, Ashleigh was then personally invited to join these guests where she had the opportunity to launch Agenxy and commenced her business journey.


From this incredible event, she was connected to the most life-changing contacts and mentors around the world. To this day, Ashleigh has been able to grow Agenxy from a successful luxury travel management agency to spearheading the media and event industry - delivering unique marketing campaigns and unparalleled access to exclusive experiences alongside her highly trained and professional team based in Australia and Los Angeles.


Ashleigh’s ethos is one of integrity with a highly personal and luxury orientated approach. Constantly evolving and approaching client needs with her extensive experience, enviable client base and international reach, she always delivers exceptional results with a high degree of intelligence, determination and understanding within both the Australian and international landscape.

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